Born from the vision of our founder Saviaun, Astroviaun is a community dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of astrology.

Our services extend beyond personalized astrological readings. We are a vibrant community offering engaging content, astrological art and merchandise. We aim to create a space where individuals can explore, learn, and grow together guided by the stars.

Astroviaun is more than just an astrology service. We are a collective of individuals passionate about using astrology for social change. Our founder Saviaun is an avid writer, videographer, and musician who continually seeks ways to use astrology as a tool for collective liberation. We stand for social justice and we believe that understanding our individual and collective astrological patterns can empower us to make meaningful changes in our world.

Join us at Astroviaun. Together, we'll explore the cosmos, discover the wonderful universe within, and work towards a more understanding and compassionate world.


At Astroviaun, we believe astrology is more than just a study of celestial bodies – it's a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and our place in the universe. Our mission is to revolutionize how people understand and use astrology in their everyday lives. We aim to demystify astrology, making it accessible and relatable for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey of self-discovery.


Saviaun, a self-taught astrologer hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, is the creative force behind Astroviaun. After experiencing the transformative power of astrology, he felt called to share this potent tool with others. Saviaun's approach to astrology is accessible and empowering, aiming to guide individuals on their unique journeys of self-discovery. An avid writer, videographer, and musician, Saviaun sees astrology as a key to collective liberation and is a passionate advocate for social justice.


Founder • Astrologer • Musician


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