Explore your Unique Journey: Personalized Birth Chart Analysis

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? With Astroviaun, you have a GPS that guides you through the wonders of the stars. Astrology is not a destiny maker, but a destiny revealer. It shows you how the cosmic patterns mirror your inner self.

Together, we’ll explore the astrology chart that unveils your personality, potential, and destiny. You’ll learn about your sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as the planets, houses, and aspects that shape your life. You’ll discover your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and opportunities, as well as your compatibility with others.

At Astroviaun, we don’t just interpret the stars—we ignite your passion for self-discovery, helping you to live your most authentic life. Whether you’re looking for your daily horoscope, your zodiac sign traits, your astrology compatibility, or your birth chart analysis, Astroviaun has it all. Let’s start your astrological journey today and discover the amazing universe within you.

"My fascination with astrology was ignited at a young age when my aunt Kim looked up my birth chart on, what my aunt rattled off to me shocked me, everything she told me was profoundly true and it left an impact on me, it intrigued me for many years as I gathered information slowly, but still understood nothing. After a profound experience and awakening during the 2020 pandemic, I began a voracious study, and a nuisance to everyone in my life, I've analyzed hundreds of charts it has become the lens through which I understand the passage of time and my life."

After reading his complete birth chart, Saviaun experienced an "ego death", which he describes as a profound realization of self-acceptance and transformation. This powerful moment, coupled with the way astrology illuminated and recontextualized many formative events in his life, led him to recognize astrology as a remarkable tool for self-discovery and educated decision-making.

Driven by his desire to share the transformative power of astrology with others, Saviaun founded Astroviaun. His vision was not just to offer personalized astrological readings but to build a community that extends to content creation, astrological art, and merch. Saviaun's mission is to revolutionize how people understand and use astrology in their daily lives, believing that self-knowledge and understanding can fundamentally change a person's life. He envisions Astroviaun as a leading source for accurate and engaging astrology content that encourages individuals to work with their lives, not against them.

While Saviaun humbly acknowledges that he is not an expert but forever a student of astrology, his unique ability is his talent to demystify and present astrology in an accessible way. His passion for learning is mirrored in his passion for teaching and in his endeavors as an avid writer, videographer, and musician. Saviaun constantly seeks ways to use astrology as a tool for collective liberation, decolonization and is a staunch advocate for social justice.

With Astroviaun, Saviaun invites you on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the stars, empowered by understanding.

Saviaun, the astrologer behind Astroviaun.


Absolutely loved the interaction we had, and despite being under the weather, Saviaun was so informative and gave a lot of relevant examples and insights. The reading was so spot on, that I had spoke about some of the topics during a therapy session, and hearing them again really affirmed some changes that I want yo make in my life. Thank you Saviaun!
Firstly, just want to say that Saviaun actually truly has a gift and talent for this, seriously.
Like knew exactly what it is I was working through & reflecting on to a tea!! On top of being a deep intuitive Saviaun is also just gentle, warm and he has a caring approach and is really trying to take the time to work through the issue you are asking about.
One of the most beautiful things about the way they approach their work is that you can really see that they honestly care you and want to see you genuinely thrive, heal and move forward. They are a fierce, loving, generous, caring and kind reader here to try to see you become the best you, there is so much love.